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The Many Features of Carraige House Garage Doors

Carriage House garage doors are popular for a reason! With many colors and styles to choose from, Carriage House garage doors can be customized to fit on many homes and conform to many tastes. Overhead Door Company of Wilmington sells Carriage House garage doors that combine old world beauty with modern customizations. Are you considering a carriage house garage door for your home? Here’s what you need to know.

Benefits of Carriage House Garage Doors

There are many benefits of Overhead Door Company of Wilmington Carriage House garage doors.

  • High value. Carriage style garage doors have been popular for years, and they remain popular even now.
  • Stylish. Carriage doors are popular because they have a stylish, old-world quality that many homeowners love to see. They’re romantic, attractive and they can be made to suit many architectural styles.
  • Many choices. When you buy carriage doors from Overhead Door of Oklahoma City, you’ll be given a range of choices, so you can choose the door that’s most suitable to you.

Choosing a Color

Doors in the Carriage House collection come in many colors, including a range of neutral colors like black, white and gray, various shades of brown, and forest green. Choosing a color can be challenging. Consider:

  • The color of your home and trim.
  • The setting/environment around your home.
  • How much you’d like your carriage style door to stand out.

If your desire is to draw less attention to the door, choose a color that matches or coordinates with the siding on your home. If you’d like your door to stand out, consider choosing a door that matches or coordinates with your home’s trim/accent colors. Ask your garage door dealer for samples to hold them up against your house, to ensure the color you choose is right for you.

Which Glass Type?

Carriage style garage doors have windows that can have one of two types of glass: either clear or “obscure” glass. Clear glass makes it easy to see into and out of the windows in the garage, while “obscure” glass is foggy, thus preventing someone from seeing into or out of the garage through the windows. Some people choose obscure glass to provide more security, while others like clear glass so they can use their windows to see out. It’s up to you!

Hardware, Hardware, Hardware

It wouldn’t be a carriage style door without fancy hardware! The hardware choices at Overhead Door Company include decorative hinges, pull handles, lift handles and decorative knockers. Decorative hinges make your garage door stand out, so choose carefully. The hinges will be a noticeable part of your door!

Contact Overhead Door about our Carriage House Garage Doors

Making your choice can be difficult – especially when you consider how many options come with Carriage House doors. Your sales representative at Overhead Door Company of Wilmington can help you make your decision by showing you pictures and samples, and by giving you estimates. To learn more about your options, call today to make an appointment for a consultation.

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