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Garage Door Windows: 4 Decisions to Make Before Buying a Door

Most garage doors last for about 30 years, so when you’re buying a new garage door, it’s important to choose a door that you’ll be happy with for a long time to come. Windows affect the character and functionality of the door. The decision to include windows and if so, what kind will affect how satisfied you are with your garage door. Below are some factors to consider to help make your decision easier.

1. Garage Door Windows Pros and Cons

Windows provide character and can make your garage door a more interesting feature in your home. However, there are some issues that you should be aware of when you’re trying to decide whether to buy a garage door with or without windows.


  • Garage door windows allow light into the garage, which can make the environment inside the garage seem less stuffy and overall cleaner and brighter.
  • Having some natural light in the garage makes it easier to find the light switch or navigate the garage without turning on the light at all.


  • Garage door windows provide a view into your garage and whatever is inside it, which can affect the security of your garage, if this is a particular concern.
  • Sunlight can heat up your garage, which can make it a much less comfortable place to do work or spend time, if you prefer to use your garage in this way.

If you would like windows in your garage door but don’t want the disadvantages of garage door windows, there are ways around these problems. See below.

2. Tinting and Frosting Options

If garage door security is a concern for you, tinted or frosted windows can prevent anyone from gaining meaningful information from a view inside your garage. Tinting can also block light that contributes to the heat in your garage.

At Overhead Door Company, each garage door has its own window tinting and frosting options, with some doors having more options than others. Tinting and frosting options are available in our Thermacore doors, for example, while Carriage House Style Doors have two different types of frosting. You’ll have to pick what’s right for you.

3. Insulated Windows

If it’s important to maintain a comfortable environment in your garage, insulated windows can help prevent the garage interior from heating up and getting too cold in winter. Traditional single-pane windows were a point of entry for heat in many garages in the past. Insulated windows can prevent heat transfer and thus helps you maintain a comfortable and consistent temperature in your garage.

Have Questions About Garage Door Windows? Contact Us

Are you interested in installing a garage door with windows in your home? The professionals at Overhead Door Company of Wilmington can help you decide which type of garage door is right for you. Call today to learn more about new garage door installation.

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