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How to Make Your Garage Door Look Like a Carriage Door

Are you bored with your conventional plain garage door? Give your garage old-world charm by converting your conventional garage door to a carriage-style door. To do this, you’ll need to make a few simple changes.

What Is a Carriage Door?

Carriage houses were basically the garages of old-world charm. Carriage houses held the carriages and horses that carried people from one place to another. In appearance, they were similar to barns, and their doors were similar to barn doors. Today, the term “carriage door” usually refers to a garage door that bears a resemblance to a barn door. Carriage style doors typically include hardware, distinctive wooden planking and windows.
Overhead Door™ Signature® Carriage Collection garage doors combine the classic wing-open appearance and detailing of carriage house wood doors with the convenience of standard sectional garage doors.

Which Accessories Make Your Door Look Like a Carriage-Style Door?

Many traditional garage doors can be easily be converted into a carriage-style door with minimal effort from the homeowner and should only take you about 30 minutes. In fact, carriage door conversion can be done so convincingly that it’s hard to tell the difference.  Most of the time, all you are going to need is a screwdriver and drill to make these quick and easy upgrades.
Here are some accessories that we recommend for your garage door upgrade, most of which can be found on Amazon.
  • Hinge hardware. Carriage doors were held in place with large iron hinges. These hinges were black and very visible from the front. Decorative hinge hardware is available for sale with garage door contractors and suppliers.
  • Handles. Traditionally, carriage doors did not lift up. They opened outward, like standard doors. Handles were used to pull the doors open. Like the large iron hinges, these handles were very visible. Today, garage door suppliers sell these handles for easy installation.
  • Windows. It’s not easy to install windows on a garage door that doesn’t have windows already. However, faux windows can be painted on, or applied as sticker decals.
Carriage House Garage Door Hardware Accessories
Sets of carriage house garage door hardware accessories such as these are easily found on Amazon and can be installed in minutes.

Can I Make My Garage Door Look Like Wood?

With the correct paint and a few hours of work, you absolutely can modify your garage door to look like wood. Be careful when choosing your color, if the shade is too dark it will make the accessories less visible. For more information, check out this helpful article from Granite that gives step-by-step instructions for how to paint a garage door to look like it is made of wood.

Can You Make Your Own Carriage-Style Door Accessories?

Hinges and handles can be painted on your garage door with black paint. However, painted hinges and handles often look less realistic compared to the types of hinges generally sold by garage door accessory suppliers. For the most authentic looking carriage-door conversion, contact a garage door contractor who can sell you a long-lasting, attractive product.


What are carriage-style garage doors?

Carriage-style garage doors are garage doors that are designed to look like traditional carriage doors that were used for horse-drawn carriages in the past. They usually have decorative hardware and detailing that give them a classic and elegant appearance.

How can I make my existing garage door look like a carriage-style door?

There are a variety of accessories you can add to your existing garage door to give it a carriage-style look, including decorative hardware like hinges, handles, and knockers, as well as decorative windows and trim pieces.

Can I install these accessories myself or do I need a professional?

It is possible to install these accessories yourself if you have some basic handyman skills and tools. However, if you are unsure about your ability to install them safely and correctly, it is always best to hire a professional to do the job.

Will adding these accessories affect the functionality of my garage door?

Adding these accessories should not affect the functionality of your garage door as long as they are installed correctly and do not interfere with the operation of the door.

Want a Real Carriage-Style Door? Contact Us!

Carriage style doors can increase your home’s curb appeal and value. If your garage door is in poor condition or is simply very old, it may be time to install a new door in its place. Contact a reputable garage door contractor to discuss installation of a new carriage-style garage door in your home. We can provide you with a quote for a new garage door. Call today to set up an appointment.

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