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Use this Garage Cleaning Checklist for Your Garage

It’s important to have a clean and organized commercial garage. Having a clear organizational system in your garage helps your business operate smoothly. Good organization can also prevent accidents and help your employees get the job done.

In this article, we’ll go over some basic steps for keeping a clean and organized commercial garage. Follow this checklist once annually to keep your garage in good order.


Clutter has a way of building up in garages over time. Even if it was just a year since the last time you decluttered your commercial garage, chances are it could use decluttering again. Go through any bins, boxes, and shelves in your garage. Get rid of, sell or throw away anything that hasn’t been used in two years or more.

While doing this activity, you’ll likely find items, supplies, or parts that are partially used and unlikely to be used in the future. Get rid of anything you’re unlikely to use in the coming year. Condense any partially used boxes or bags of materials that can be combined.

Label Storage Bins

Life is harder when you can’t find your supplies. Labeling storage bins clearly helps keep your processes streamlined, makes training employees easier, and also helps ensure that employees who don’t normally work in the garage are able to find what they need when they need it.

Label any unlabeled bins. If your storage bins are already labeled, check the labels to ensure that any new items placed in the bins are properly indicated. Take care to ensure that the labels are easy to read, free of grime, and unfaded.

Train Employees to Put Items Away

Your efforts to organize your garage mean nothing if your employees aren’t on board. Train all your employees to put away everything in its proper spot. During your reorganization, you might select new places to put away some of the items you keep in the garage.

This is the perfect time to refresh employees on where everything goes, and alert them to any changes that may have taken place following the organization efforts.

Give employees a tour, encourage them to ask questions. If your organizational system is complicated, write it down to capture your ideas on paper. This, too, will be useful for training employees in the future.

Create a Daily Cleaning Checklist

Once your garage is fully organized and cleared of clutter, it’s important to keep it that way! Create a daily cleaning checklist for your employees. Go over the checklist during the tour of the newly organized garage, to give employees a chance to ask questions and get clarification.

Maintain Your Commercial Garage Door

The last way to ensure that your garage stays organized and well-maintained is to keep up with your commercial garage door maintenance. Get regular tune-ups to ensure that your commercial garage door will open, close, and operate as needed throughout the workday.

To schedule your tune-up, contact Overhead Door Company of Wilmington. Our experienced technicians can help you keep up with your garage door maintenance.

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