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Chain Drive Versus Belt Drive Garage Door Opener: What’s the Difference?

Most homeowners don’t know the difference between the various kinds of garage door openers. When the time comes to buy a garage door opener, many homeowners feel a little out of their depth. If you’re hoping to buy a new opener for your home, it may become helpful to know the difference between chain drive and belt drive models. These two products operate in much the same way, but perform slightly differently. Knowing the characteristics of each can help you decide which one is for you.

What’s a Chain Drive Garage Door Opener?

A chain drive garage door opener is the original type of garage door opener. To open or shut the door, the chain turns and moves the trolley. The trolley connects to the J-arm, which opens and closes the door.

The chain looks very much like the chain on a bicycle. When it moves, it tends to make a clanking noise, which can be loud. Chain drive garage door openers involve moving parts, and some of those moving parts involve metal on metal which cause garage door openers to not work over time.

What’s a Belt Drive Garage Door Opener?

Belt drive garage door openers are built very similarly to chain drive garage door openers, except for one major difference. On a belt drive garage door opener, the chain has been replaced by a belt that is made from rubber, fiber glass, or another type of material.

Belt drive garage door openers have a variety of benefits. First, belt drive garage door openers are much quieter than chain drive garage door openers. Second, belt drive garage door openers last longer. Belts are very durable, because there’s less friction between the belt and the other components of the garage door opener. This enables the belt to last for more time than a chain drive.

Which One Is Right For You?

Belt drive garage door openers and chain drive garage door openers each have their own benefits. Chain drive garage door openers are a tried and true product. Compared to other types of garage door openers, they’re also relatively inexpensive.

Belt drive garage door openers are more expensive, but they’re also a more luxurious product. With quieter action and a longer service life, belt drive garage door openers are generally worth the extra expense.

If you’re on a budget, a chain drive garage door opener is the product for you. If you have a larger budget and you’re seeking a higher end product, a belt drive garage door opener is more appropriate.

Buying a New Garage Door Opener? Contact Your Garage Door Contractor

If you’re interested in purchasing a new garage door opener, work with a reputable garage door contractor in your area. Contact Overhead Door of Wilmington to make an appointment for a consultation.

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