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Aging in Place? 4 Garage Upgrade Ideas

Aging in place requires a lot of planning. If you’re living in your forever home and hoping to make it senior-friendly, we’ve got several garage upgrade ideas that can help you make your garage a better place to live. By decluttering, eliminating tripping hazards, improving visibility, and ensuring that your garage door is safe and easy to use, you can make your home’s garage more senior-friendly. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Get Organized, Remove Clutter

It’s common for homeowners to keep seasonal items like sweaters, holiday decorations, sentimental items, and more in their garage. Over time, the garage becomes a holding place for items that many homeowners no longer need.

interior of an unorganized narrow garage
Declutter the garage to eliminate tripping hazards and improve accessibility.

Overstuffed garages are dangerous for older adults. Stacks of boxes can be unstable, while clutter can be a fire hazard. For an older adult who is unsteady on their feet, an overstuffed garage can be difficult to manage, hard to find things in, and difficult to use.

Declutter your garage. Start by sorting through boxes. Items that have not been used for two years or more are best donated or sold. If the item is sentimental, consider giving it away to a family member or friend.

If you must keep the item, find a good place to put it. Some homeowners have garage lofts where they keep boxes, suitcases, and more. Unfortunately, high-up storage areas may become difficult or impossible to use as you get older. Consider installing shelving that is nearer to the ground, where you can easily access those items you decide to keep in your garage.

2. Update Lighting

Many garages have poor lighting. Dim, overhead lighting can create safety hazards. When it comes to updating the lighting in your garage, there are several steps you can take to improve visibility and create a safer environment:

Assess Current Lighting

Start by evaluating the existing lighting in your garage. Determine if it provides adequate brightness and covers all areas effectively. Pay attention to any dark spots or shadows that might impede visibility. This assessment will help you identify areas that need improvement.

Upgrade to LED Lighting

Consider replacing traditional incandescent or fluorescent bulbs with energy-efficient LED lights. LED lights offer brighter and more uniform illumination, enhancing visibility in your garage. They also have a longer lifespan, reducing the frequency of bulb replacements. Opt for LED fixtures or retrofit kits specifically designed for garage use.

Upgrade lighting with LED fixtures and consider motion-activated or task lighting.

Install Task Lighting

In addition to general overhead lighting, install task lighting in specific areas where seniors might need extra visibility. Workbenches, tool stations, or areas where detailed tasks are performed can benefit from focused lighting. Adjustable LED work lights or under-cabinet lights can be valuable additions, allowing seniors to work with precision and confidence.

Motion-Activated Lighting

Consider incorporating motion-activated lighting in your garage. Motion sensors can automatically detect movement and activate lights, ensuring that the area is well-lit when someone enters. This feature is particularly useful for seniors who may have difficulty finding light switches or maneuvering in the dark.

Natural Light Enhancement

If your garage has windows or skylights, maximize the use of natural light. Keep windows clean and unobstructed to allow sunlight to brighten the space during the day. Consider adding sheer curtains or blinds to control glare without compromising natural illumination. Natural light not only improves visibility but also provides a more pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.

Emergency Lighting

Install emergency lighting in case of power outages or emergencies. Battery-powered LED lights or backup lighting systems can ensure that the garage remains adequately lit during such situations, preventing disorientation or accidents. Place emergency lighting near exits and in critical areas for easy access.

3. Remove Tripping Hazards

When it comes to removing tripping hazards in your garage, there are several steps you can take to ensure a safe environment, especially for seniors:

Secure Cords and Wires

Loose cords and wires are prime tripping hazards. Take the time to secure any electrical cords or wires that may be running across the floor of your garage. Use cable organizers or adhesive clips to keep them neatly tucked away against the walls or ceiling. This will not only prevent accidents but also make it easier to navigate through the space without obstruction.

Clear Pathways

Maintaining clear and unobstructed pathways is crucial for preventing trips and falls. Regularly assess your garage’s layout and remove any unnecessary items that may clutter the floor. Avoid storing objects in walkways or high-traffic areas. By keeping pathways clear, you’ll provide seniors with a safe and easily navigable space.

Use Storage Solutions

Investing in appropriate storage solutions can go a long way in reducing tripping hazards. Opt for sturdy shelving units or cabinets to store tools, equipment, and other items off the floor. This not only helps declutter the space but also ensures that objects are safely stored, eliminating the risk of them being accidentally kicked or tripped over.

shelving unit for wall storage inside small garage
Utilize storage solutions like shelving units and cabinets to keep items organized and off the floor.

Install Anti-Slip Mats or Flooring

Consider installing anti-slip mats or adding non-slip coatings to the floor of your garage. These materials provide better traction, even when the floor is wet or slippery. This can be particularly beneficial during inclement weather or when water or oil spills occur. Anti-slip solutions significantly reduce the chances of slips and falls, enhancing safety for seniors.

Maintain Adequate Lighting

Insufficient lighting in the garage can contribute to tripping hazards, especially when seniors have difficulty seeing clearly. Ensure that all areas of your garage are well-lit. Replace any dim or burnt-out bulbs promptly and consider adding additional lighting fixtures, such as overhead lights or LED strips, to illuminate darker corners. Ample lighting enhances visibility, making it easier for seniors to identify potential hazards on the floor.

4. Replace That Old Garage Door and Opener

Older garage doors and garage door openers are less secure, often more difficult to use, and lack smart features. Replacing your old garage door is a great way to improve your home’s value and also make your home safer for you to use. Work with your garage door installer to decide which models are best for seniors. Look for:

  • Belt drive for quiet opening and closing
  • Wi-Fi connectivity so you can open and close your garage with the push of a button
  • Bright overhead light for better visibility
  • All the latest safety features to ensure your garage door is both secure and not a safety hazard
garage door opener repair
Look for quiet belt drive openers, Wi-Fi connectivity, bright overhead lights, and advanced safety features.

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Why is decluttering important in a garage?

Decluttering reduces tripping hazards, improves accessibility, and enhances overall safety in the garage.

How can I improve lighting in my garage?

Upgrade to LED lighting, install task lighting for specific areas, and consider motion-activated or natural lighting options.

What are some common tripping hazards in a garage?

Loose cords, cluttered pathways, and uneven flooring are common tripping hazards that should be addressed.

Why should I consider replacing my old garage door?

Replacing an old garage door improves security, enhances ease of use, and often adds smart features for added convenience.

How can I make my garage more senior-friendly?

Remove tripping hazards, ensure proper lighting, install grab bars, and consider automation options for easier access and safety.

How can I create an organized storage system in my garage?

Use shelving units, cabinets, and storage solutions to keep items off the floor, allowing for clear pathways and reducing clutter.

What features should I look for in a new garage door opener?

Opt for a belt drive for quiet operation, Wi-Fi connectivity for remote control, bright overhead lighting, and advanced safety features.

How can I make my garage more comfortable in extreme temperatures?

Improve insulation, weatherstrip the garage door, and consider climate control options to regulate temperature and reduce drafts.

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