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3 Steps to Making Garage Door Security a Priority

Everybody loves summer vacations — including burglars. Each year in the U.S., millions of homes are burglarized, and not surprisingly, a lot of those break-ins are planned for times when homeowners are elsewhere, like at work or on vacation. In fact, some cities have an increase in burglary rates during the summer, when burglars know homeowners are more likely to be absent for long stretches of time.

Most of us know the usual advice about protecting our homes while we’re gone: have your mail delivery suspended, put timers on your lights and TV, keep your curtains closed, trim bushes growing in front of windows.

That’s all good advice. But one thing that’s usually missing is how to make sure your garage door is protected. That’s too bad, because the fact is, most burglars look for unobtrusive ways to enter a home — entry areas that maybe aren’t as visible to passersby as your front door, for instance.

Plus, burglars also know most homeowners pay special attention to the front and back doors, ignoring the potential security risks associated with their garage door. So for a burglar, targeting a garage door just makes good sense.

Ramping up your garage door security

The good news is, improving your garage door security isn’t complicated; in fact, it’s as easy as 1-2-3:

Make sure the windows are covered

Chances are, your garage is home to more than your car. Those tools and gadgets can be tempting to would-be burglars too. If your garage door has windows, cut visibility with a DIY film to “frost” your panes. Do the same for any other windows in your garage, or for something less permanent, invest in another type of covering like curtains or vinyl window blinds.

Install a security console

At the Overhead Door Company, we offer a variety of garage door consoles with built-in security features, including an app that lets you monitor your garage door activity no matter where you are. Other consoles let you turn off external operation or prevent thieves from stealing your garage door code. Consoles are simple to install and work with a variety of door systems.

Replace the door

If your door is very old, rickety, weak or damaged, investing in a new, solid, sturdy door can be one of the best investments you can make for your home’s security. Plus, it can increase your home’s value as well.

Bonus Tips:

Keep a radio on

Just as a TV can give the illusion you’re in your home, a radio can make it seem as though you’re puttering around in your garage. Put it on a timer or a smart plug you can control with your phone.

Invest in good lighting

Motion lights are a simple installation project, and some can be programmed to send you an alert on your phone when the lights turn on.

Keep shrubbery trimmed

As with the rest of your house, you don’t want to provide places where burglars can hide. Keeping bushes trimmed back or eliminating plantings around garage doors ensures the area is more visible, making it harder for would-be intruders to be unseen.

Making garage door security a priority is certainly important for protecting your property. To learn how our garage door experts can make your door as secure as possible, contact us today.

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