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Vinyl or Steel? A Comparison of Garage Door Types

There are many garage door types. Some of the most popular types are steel and vinyl. At Overhead Door Company of Wilmington, we sell Courtyard Collection steel garage doorsImpression Steel CollectionDurafirm Vinyl garage doors, and a variety of other garage door styles made of steel and vinyl.

If you’re a homeowner trying to make your decision, the choices can be overwhelming! Knowing the difference between these two types of garage doors can help you make your decision.

All About Vinyl

Vinyl is a long-lasting, durable product that is all-weather resistant. Some good things about vinyl include:

  • Vinyl is the same color all the way through, so scratches on vinyl garage doors are hard to see.
  • Vinyl has some give, so it doesn’t dent easily.
  • Vinyl won’t rust or corrode with exposure to rain, snow, and ice.

All About Steel

Steel is a durable, traditional material that has long been used to make garage doors. Here’s what’s good about steel:

  • Steel is long-lasting and won’t crack or warp due to exposure to extreme temperatures or extreme climates.
  • Steel can be easily painted, so you can change the look of your steel garage doors over time.
  • Steel is cost-effective because it’s inexpensive to purchase, inexpensive to maintain, and lasts a long, long time.

Which One is Right for You?

When the time comes to decide which type of garage door is right for you, we recommend working with a pro. Your garage door professional can evaluate your needs based on lifestyle factors, aesthetic preferences, garage door opener type, and other factors.

You should also browse the catalog for the garage door styles that you like best. Knowing which garage door styles appeal to you can help you narrow your choices. Your garage door pro can help you make a final decision.

Contact Us to Learn More About Vinyl and Steel Garage Door Types

If you’re having a hard time making your final decision about which type of garage door is right for you, don’t hesitate to contact a professional. Overhead Door Company of Wilmington has customer service representatives and a garage door sales team that’s ready to help you make a decision.

We’ll happily come to your house, show you pictures, quote prices, and make recommendations based on your preferences and lifestyle. Don’t wait to get started with your garage door installation. A new garage door can improve the value of your house and boost your home’s curb appeal. Call today to make an appointment.

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