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Refresh Your Home’s Curb Appeal With a Little Garage Door Spring Cleaning

For most homeowners, spring cleaning takes place pretty much right after the excitement of the holidays. That’s when you — and your family, friends and neighbors — start spending a lot more time outdoors, so it makes sense to ensure your home is in top shape from both aesthetic and functional points of view.

When it comes to sprucing up your home for warmer weather, it’s easy to focus on things like flowers, porch planters and patio furniture. But your garage needs some love too — especially your garage door and the area around it. Your garage door is probably pretty visible; the doors are big, and that means they take up a lot of visual space and a lot of attention, both from your family and from passersby. Taking some time to spruce up the area and make sure your garage door is working properly means you’ll have more time to really enjoy the warm weather—and less time doing repairs and upkeep when you’d rather be relaxing. Here’s what to put on your garage door spring cleaning checklist.

Clear the debris

Cobwebs tend to collect around doors and windows—even more so if you have lighting around your garage. Grab a broom and sweep the door and surrounding trim from top to bottom to remove cobwebs, leaves and other debris. Then, rinse the door area with a hose to remove stubborn grime. There, it looks better already!

Check the seal

Spring and summer tend to bring some pretty big rainstorms, and it’s your seal that helps keep your garage and its contents dry and secure. Check the seal for damage, wear or warping, and replace it if necessary. This is a job where you can call in a pro or try to tackle it on your own—just be sure to get the correct seal for your door. A good seal also prevents mice and other critters from getting into your garage.

Lubricate the mechanism

Most doors benefit from routine lubrication to keep the mechanism working smoothly and prevent future problems. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for which areas to lubricate, and be sure to use a lubricant that’s designed specifically for garage doors.

Clean the “Eyes”

Automatic garage door mechanisms rely on sensors to determine when to raise and lower the door. Dirt and grime on the sensor “eyes” makes it harder for the system to sense movements that triggers the up-and-down function of the door. Give them a wipe and make sure they’re still aligned properly. While you’re at it, change the batteries in your remote, too.

Garage door spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a major pain. All it takes is a little TLC to keep your door looking great and operating the way it should. And if there’s a problem, we can help. Give us a call, and we’ll handle the rest so you can focus on enjoying the beautiful weather.

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