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Noisy Commercial Garage Door: What You Can Do

Noisy Commercial Garage Door: What You Can Do

Is your commercial garage door noisy? That could be a sign of a problem! Even if there’s nothing wrong with the door, customers that notice might think you’re not keeping up with garage door maintenance. Knowing what to do about your noisy garage door can help you take care of your business and may even prevent a breakdown that could negatively impact your business profits.

Inspect Your Noisy Garage Door

Sometimes garage door noises are caused by easy-to-solve problems that can be identified during a standard inspection. Take time to look over your garage door. Check the nuts and bolts, examine the hinges, inspect the belts and chains.

You might not be able to tell if anything is broken, but on the other hand, a problem could become immediately obvious, depending on what’s wrong. Look for corrosion and areas where metal directly rubs against metal. Tighten any nuts, bolts, screws, and so on to prevent them from rubbing. Once you’ve inspected the door and made any small repairs, open and close the door to see if the noise is quieter. If not, follow the next steps.

Lubricate Joints

Garage door moving parts need to stay lubricated in order to keep functioning. Use lithium grease or silicone spray to lubricate joints. This can reduce some friction that could lead to a quieter functionality. Use a high-quality spray that’s specifically designed for garage doors.

Get a Tune-Up

Your garage door needs a tune-up from a professional every year. If your commercial garage door hasn’t been tuned up yet this year, contact a repair person or professional garage door installer to schedule your appointment. Don’t delay!

Some garage door noises are an indication of a malfunction that could be getting worse. Waiting could lead your garage door to break down.

Consider Replacement

Garage doors and their openers can last for many years, but when your garage door and automatic door opener have reached the end of their service life, it’s important to get them replaced. When choosing a garage door dealer/installer to replace your door, the following tips can help you choose a good garage door for your home:

  • Check references. Always check references before hiring a contractor to do work on your commercial property. Ask questions, like whether they would hire that installer/dealer again, if the quality of the new garage door is good, and if they recommend that installer/dealer to others.
  • Shop around. Make sure you’ve found the right installer/dealer by shopping around. Compare bids from different installers/dealers, and meet with each installer to ask them questions. Find the one who is most comfortable for you.
  • Make a budget. Buy a door that fits your budget, but don’t buy the cheapest door for the sake of saving money. Buy a quality door that will last a long time.

Fix Your Noisy Garage Door with Overhead Door Company of Wilmington

At Overhead Door Company of Wilmington, we’re happy to help you replace your commercial garage door with a new model that is quiet and equipped with all the latest innovations. Call today to make an appointment for a consultation.

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