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Modern Garage Doors: Boring Is Not an Option

Today, a garage door can be every bit as stylish and exciting as your home’s front entry. And good looks aren’t the only benefits of modern garage doors. They operate efficiently, are customizable in different ways, add to your home’s safety and value, and are durable and virtually maintenance-free. If you’re in the market for a new garage door, why not investigate the unique and innovative new possibilities?

When you choose from the options offered by Overhead Door Company™, you can be sure that you are choosing from among the best style and value available on the market today. Manufactured with not only great attention to detail but also from a variety of materials chosen for strength, durability, lasting good looks and operating efficiency, modern residential and commercial styles are never boring.

Whether you choose a steel door for its strength and efficiency or a futuristic glass-paneled garage door to make a distinctive decor statement, the Overhead Door Company™ brand is your guarantee for satisfaction.

Innovation is the key component of our line of modern garage doors. From contemporary wooden garage doors to sleek glass-panel doors that highlight a new architectural dynamic, these doors will transform a dwelling into a piece of art. Modern glass doors perform seamlessly to complement your home’s contemporary mood. They can be dramatic, stylish and sophisticated, bold and playful all at the same time, depending on the effect you hope to achieve.

Constructed on a lightweight aluminum frame, glass panel garage doors are available in 7 and 8-foot versions, and up to 20-foot widths. Options for frame color are virtually limitless, and the glass panel choices for decorative street views allow extensive opportunities to customize the look. Choose panels that will flood garage interiors with light or dark, opaque panels to shield interiors from prying eyes. Choose from clear or obscure, tinted, white or black glass, low-E, insulated and non-insulated, tempered, clear or multi-wall polycarbonate or clear acrylic, depending on your specific needs.

Sleek, modern design garage doors are easy to install in either new construction or as replacement doors. They will perform flawlessly, whether operated manually or with automatic openers.  All modern glass garage doors are backed by the Overhead Door Company™ warranty, and conform to all existing safety and performance standards.

Modern glass garage doors are beautiful to look at and will continue to delight for years to come. However, if the modern style isn’t your thing, there are many other styles available to complement your architecture and fit your lifestyle. Just contact us to see what’s new on the scene.

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