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What Types of Garage Doors are the Most Popular?

May 4, 2023

Garage doors are one of the easiest home improvements to make: With a modest cost and a top-notch return on investment, they more than return your expenses with a boost in home value, curb appeal, and home safety. When choosing between different types of garage doors, popularity can tell you what styles of garage doors […]

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How to Make Your Garage Door Look Like a Carriage Door

April 18, 2023

Are you bored with your conventional plain garage door? Give your garage old-world charm by converting your conventional garage door to a carriage-style door. To do this, you’ll need to make a few simple changes.   What Is a Carriage Door? Carriage houses were basically the garages of old-world charm. Carriage houses held the carriages and horses that carried […]

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How to Replace Your Garage Door Opener Remote

April 6, 2023

Garage door remote openers have made life a lot simpler since the 1950s, when controlling your garage door meant doing a lot of heavy lifting by hand. Today, all it takes is the touch of a button to open or close your garage door—until the remote breaks or gets lost, that is. Happily, while dealing […]

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Spring Facelift: Can You Paint a Garage Door?

March 17, 2023

Your garage door can have a big effect on your home’s appearance, and a door that’s old or worn can wind up making your entire property look dingy and unattractive. Fortunately, just like the rest of your home, sometimes all it takes is a fresh coat of paint to revive your doors and help your […]

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Comprehensive Garage Door Tune-Up Information for New Homeowners

March 15, 2023

As new homeowners, there are a lot of things that you need to know about maintaining your home. One of the most important parts of your home is the garage door. It is the largest moving part of your home, and it is also the most frequently used. This means that it is important to […]

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5 Common Garage Door Issues and How to Spot Them

March 14, 2023

If you own a home with a garage, you know how important it is to have a garage door that works smoothly and reliably. A malfunctioning garage door can be a serious inconvenience, and in some cases, it can even pose a safety hazard. That’s why it’s important to know how to spot common garage […]

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What Are the Benefits of Fire Rated Commercial Garage Doors?

March 7, 2023

Fires can break out at any time, and commercial establishments are no exception. Commercial garage doors play a crucial role in containing fires and preventing them from spreading to other parts of the building. Fire rated commercial garage doors are specifically designed to withstand intense heat and flames, providing additional time for firefighters to extinguish […]

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Chain Drive Versus Belt Drive Garage Door Opener: What’s the Difference?

March 2, 2023

A garage door opener is an essential part of your home security system. It allows you to open and close your garage door with ease, without the need for physical effort. There are two types of garage door openers – chain drive and belt drive. Both are popular options among homeowners, but they differ in […]

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How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Garage Door? What You Need to Know.

February 20, 2023

When your garage door stops working properly, it can be irritating — especially when your car is stuck inside and you need to get to work. You may be looking for a quick way to repair your garage door, but you also want it done as affordably and efficiently as possible. If so, then you’ve […]

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3 Modern Garage Door Styles to Consider

February 16, 2023

Garage doors have changed a lot over the years, visually and structurally. If you’re ready to replace your garage door sometime soon, you’ll have a lot of choices to make and interesting models to choose from. Here’s what you need to know about some of the best contemporary garage door styles offered by Overhead Door […]

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