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While new, belt drive garage door openers are quickly becoming the top choice due to their almost total silent operation.

6 Reasons to Buy a New Garage Door in 2022

2022 is the year to buy a new garage door opener! If your old garage door opener is becoming unreliable, purchasing a new garage door opener can make all the difference. Modern garage door openers have amazing features that make buying and installing them the more satisfying. For those of you who are considering whether you’d like to make this kind of home upgrade, we’ve listed some potential benefits.

1. Reliability

New garage door openers typically last between 10 and 15 years. That’s 10 to 15 years of reliability, durability, and proper functioning. If you’re tired of wondering whether your garage door will break down this season, or if you’re tired of calling in late to work because your car was trapped in your garage (again!), it’s time for a new garage door opener.

2. Take Advantage of Modern Upgrades

Many modern garage door openers have modern features like Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can control them from your smart phone. With the push of a button, you can check to see whether your garage is open, even when you’re far away. Need to let a neighbor into your garage but aren’t home? Open the door with your smart phone, and then close it again!

3. Satisfaction with Your Garage

It’s easier to love using your garage when you’ve got a new automatic door opener for your home. Getting a new garage door opener can increase your satisfaction with your garage by a lot!

4. Improved Value When Selling Your Home

A brand new garage door opener is a great feature to write into the listing for your home when you’re trying to sell. If it has smart capability, mention that it connects to Wi-Fi.

5. Quieter Function

Garage door openers used to be very loud and clunky, but belt-drive openers are so quiet, you can barely hear them. If you’re tired of being awakened by your spouse opening and closing the garage door, get a new garage door opener with a belt drive for quieter functioning!

6. Fewer Garage Door “Emergencies”

It’s never fun to deal with a last-minute garage door repair. Those problems should go away when you install a new garage door opener from Overhead Door Company of Wilmington.

Need a New Garage Door Opener? Call Overhead Door Company of Wilmington

If your garage door opener is a decade old or more, it’s probably time to get a new one. Get started with the purchase of your new garage door opener today. Call Overhead Door Company of Wilmington to make an appointment for consultation.

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