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4 Ways You Can Benefit from New Garage Door Installation

In most homes, the garage door is one of the largest and most visible features from the street. Older doors can be an eyesore, and may even cause problems. For example, older doors sometimes fit poorly, or have little insulation, thus leading to extreme temperatures and vermin infestation.

Typical garage doors can last anywhere from 15 to 30 years, depending on the material they’re made from and how well they’re maintained. When that time is up, an old garage door may be nothing but problems. Not sure if it’s time for a new garage door installation? Think about the benefits listed below.

1. Improve your home’s value.

The ROI of a new garage door is high – as high as 97.5%, according to some sources. This means that for every $100 you spend replacing your garage door, you can add $97.50 to the value of your home, if you’re going to sell soon. If your home will soon be put on the market and you’re seeking ways to increase the value of your house while making your home more appealing to buyers, contact a reputable garage door contractor about new garage door installation.

2. Improve curb appeal.

An old garage door can be a cosmetic challenge, especially if it’s in poor condition. Whether your current door is dented, marred by peeling paint and scuffs, or faded to the point it no longer matches your house, replacing your existing door with a new model can help improve your home’s curb appeal. You’ll love to see your door when you come home at night!

3. Weatherproof your garage.

New garage doors have enough insulation to meet modern energy efficiency standards. This is especially important if your garage is attached to your house, or if it has its own climate control system. If you enjoy spending time in your garage to work on projects like woodworking or auto repair, new garage door installation can make the space more comfortable.

4. Give your home style.

Garage door styles have changed a lot in recent decades. Years ago, many doors were windowless and paneled, and they all looked the same. Today, garage doors come in many styles. Contemporary doors with aluminum frames and foggy glass lend a sleek, modern look to your modern home, while carriage garage doors call back to a simpler time. Meanwhile, all wood models have a high-end quality that can make your home look all the more beautiful. Which one is right for your home?

Need New Garage Door Installation? Contact the Professionals

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