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Broken garage door. Misaligned.

4 Signs Its Time to Repair Your Garage Door

1. Your garage door doesn’t open or close as it should.

Door malfunction can leave your door half open or half closed, or incapable of opening and closing. Not only is this an inconvenience, it can also become a hazard. There are many reasons that your garage door might have these problems, including misaligned door track, power failure, and a stripped gear in the opener. Whatever the reason, a garage door that doesn’t open or close is not much of a door at all, and should be repaired.

2. The door is noisier than it used to be.

Noises in the garage door could be an indication of wear and tear on the motor, or could originate with the garage door itself. If it’s not repaired, the problem is likely to get worse with time. Have your garage door repair contractor check the door and make adjustments, or you could find yourself dealing with a totally broken door.

3. Some sections of the garage door are off the tracks, or sections are sagging.

Garage doors can sag when they’re left open for long periods. The panels are long and, depending on what they’re made from, may bend in the middle. This kind of distortion shortens the service life of your garage door dramatically by putting strain on the automatic opener system. A bent or sagging door also negatively impacts the beauty of your home.

4. Your door is visibly damaged.

Did your teenager drive into your garage door? Or perhaps you grilled too close to the door and the vinyl began to melt? Yikes! Whatever the reason, if your door is visibly damaged, your home’s curb appeal will be impacted. Selling your home could become difficult. This kind of problem can also be embarrassing. Work with your garage door contractor to make the necessary repairs.

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If your garage door has any of the above symptoms, then it’s time to get it repaired! Contact us at Overhead Garage Door Company of Wilmington to get started with your home improvement project.

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