Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I program my transmitter?

Most newer operators can be programmed by pressing the "smart" or "learn" button on the back of the operator and then, within 30 seconds, pressing the transmitter button that you want to operate that door three times. If these instructions do not work or if you would like assistance, please call our service department.

2. I know you give free estimates on new / replacement doors and openers. How about estimates on service?

Due to the fact that service and repair work involves a site inspection by a qualified field technician, we do charge a minimum service fee to diagnose equipment problems.

3. What kind of doors and operators do you repair?

We repair all brands of doors and motor operators, including residential and commercial doors.

4. How do I change the code on my keypad?

Go to If your keypad is not listed, please call our Service Department at 910-395-2928 in Wilmington and 910-423-8090 in Fayetteville.

5. What kind of maintenance does my garage door require?

See the recommendations for safety and maintenance at

6. How do I program my "Homelink" in-car remote? Instructions are car and device dependent.

Visit the Homelink website for information on how to code your vehicle.

7. My garage door will not go down unless I push the wall button down constantly until it hits the floor. What is happening?

Check the photocells (black boxes at the bottom of the tracks) and make sure that they are aligned properly, have not been bumped or had a wire broken, and do not have an obstruction between them.