Commercial Preventive Maintenance

Regular preventive maintenance provides many benefits to the garage door owner, including reducing costly downtime by identifying potential problems before they become an issue. Preventive Maintenance also extends the life and efficiency of garage doors, garage door openers and dock levelers. Let us enroll you in our preventive maintenance program today, so that you may receive the benefits of the program. Choose the frequency you would like for your maintenance plan and contact us for pricing. Our program includes the following:


  • Inspect: All rollers, bearings, cables, chains, shafts, track, and alignment, as applicable
  • Adjust: All spring counterbalance assemblies, level of door and track spacing as necessary
  • Lubricate: Counterbalance shaft bearings, rollers, hinges, and bearings as necessary
  • Tighten: Hardware including hinges, couplings, drums, track brackets and hangers as necessary


  • Inspect: Operator bearings, chain hoist assemblies, safety equipment, and other related controls, as applicable
  • Adjust: Clutch, brake, limit assemblies as necessary
  • Lubricate: Bearings, chains and screws as necessary
  • Tighten: Sprockets, drawbar arms and hook-ups, as necessary


  • Inspect: Hold down unit, springs, slide bar, rear hinges, lip assembly, hydraulic hoses and connections, as applicable
  • Adjust: Deck counterbalances, lip assembly, hold down unit, and linkage, as necessary
  • Lubricate: All pivot points, rear hinges, lip hinge, and shaft, as necessary
  • Tighten: Linkage fasteners and cable clamps, as necessary

Please contact us for Commercial Preventive Maintenance testing via our Services page.